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Powercode 9.01.155 released
« on: January 09, 2012, 01:25:16 PM »
The latest version of Powercode, version 9.01.155, is out today. This is, as always, a free update for all our customers!

There are a number of new features in this release - some of the major ones are detailed below.

Real time Bandwidth Graph

You can now view a customer's bandwidth usage in real time right in the Powercode interface - no more logging into the BMU to watch this graph.

This is an invaluable troubleshooting tool - watch a customer perform a speed test in real time and know immediately what the total usage is on their connection!

Real time Equipment Monitor

The real time stat display on equipment has also been completely overhauled, as you can see below.

This is an example of a Canopy SM being monitored in real time - we also support Ubiquiti, Redline, Mikrotik, Alvarion, Cisco and more.

Auto Speed Limiter Interface

We've redesigned the auto speed limiter interface to be much easier to understand. You can now set and delete triggers and stages in an easy to use interface.

Many small UI improvements

We've made many small improvements to the UI to simplify various tasks and streamline various pages - here's an example of our new DHCP exhaustion display. If you are running out of IPs for a DHCP range, you are now notified on the front page. The subnet selection dropdown on the equipment page also shows the IPs remaining in the range.

Backend Improvements

We've improved many backend systems. Canopy speed updates are now pushed by a backend process which verifies the settings and makes multiple attempts to set speeds if the first attempt fails. BMU MAXX units now automatically rebuild after a reboot - no need to do it manually. We've made stability improvements to many backend scripts which now recover gracefully from a variety of service failures on the operating system itself.

Billing Changes

One of the biggest changes in 9.01.155 is the addition of mid-month pro-rating. You can now pro-rate service changes mid-month by checking a single box. This can be performed multiple times throughout the month if needed. Powercode will also pro-rate Internet service changes, so if a customer downgrades or upgrades service, the pro-rated tax and service fees can be automatically applied.

And more..

Many other small fixes and updates have been made to the system in 9.01.155 to improve speed and reliability - you can see the entire changelog from inside your Powercode installation. We're proud of this update and we hope you all enjoy it! Please post your comments on the forum.